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Parking Structures

Group Delta Consultants has provided geotechnical recommendations for the design and construction of numerous parking structures throughout Southern California. Our clients have included City/County/State agencies, Academic/Medical institutions, and private developers. We are experienced with design issues of multilevel parking structures as well as subterranean structures.

If you would like to discuss an existing or upcoming parking structure project, feel free to call Shah Ghanbari at (949) 450-2100.

Garfield Entertainment Center Parking Structures

sr 22

Project Description:

  • Two parking structures at the Garfield Entertainment Center in Alhambra
  • Each parking structure is a 5-story building without a basement
  • Footprint of the structures range from 22,000 to 80,000 square feet, with maximum column loads ranging between 600 and 1200 kips

Group Delta's Role:

  • Design Level Geotechnical Investigation
  • Laboratory sampling and testing to characterize the soils and evaluate engineering properties
  • Provided economical spread footing recommendations with some removal and recompaction of near-surface loose soils, thus avoiding piles foundations
  • Structures are supported on shallow spread footings
  • Completed both projects on time and within budget

Harbor College West Parking Structure


Project Description:

Los Angeles Harbor College recently opened it's new $21.2-million West Parking Structure providing more than 900 parking spaces to students, visitors and staff. Built under the LACCD Sustainable Building Program (one of the nation's largest green construction efforts) the building features the use of a number of sustainable features including:

  • Vegetation and new trees to help absorb carbon dioxide produced by vehicles;
  • An open air design that allows for fresh air circulation and eliminates the need for a typical ventilation system;
  • Landscape elements to remove silt and pollution from surface runoff water;
  • Fly ash used in the poured-in-place concrete, which reduces the carbon footprint, increases strength, improves the performance and quality of the concrete and reduces corrosion; and
  • A rooftop 250-kilowatt solar panel system.

Group Delta's Role:

  • Design Level Geotechnical Investigation
  • Construction phase services including Post Tensioning, Welding (fab shop and field)
  • City of Los Angeles Deputy Inspection
  • Materials Testing of Concrete, Reinforcing steel, Masonry - Verdura wall
  • Geotechnical Testing
  • Shoring/lagging
  • Tie-back Testing

USC Exposition Park Parking Structure

ti/ocean blvd.

Project Description:

  • The four-level parking structure is adjacent to the USC campus located in Los Angeles and the property is owned by the State of California.
  • The structure sits in an excavation that extends about 34 feet below the existing grade.
  • The slopes of the excavation are landscaped, so that it exposes most of the perimeter of the open parking structure.
  • One side of the structure required a permanent tied-back wall or a soil nail wall.

Group Delta's Role:

  • Design level Geotechnical Investigation
  • Laboratory sampling and testing to characterize the soils and evaluate engineering properties
  • The structure, which imposes column loads of up to 1 million pounds, was designed for support on conventional spread footings established in a dense sand and gravel
  • Accomplished the excavation required with the use of shoring and tie-back anchors

West Los Angeles Community College Parking Structure


Project Description:

  • Four level reinforced parking structure on the campus of the college. The structure is 400 feet by 188 feet in plan and has column loads up to 650 kips.

Group Delta's Role:

  • Design Level Geotechnical Investigation
  • Geologic Seismic Hazard Evaluation
  • Geologic Seismic Hazard Evaluation
  • DSA Level Construction Services
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