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Residential Developments

Group Delta Consultants has extensive experience in development of sites for residential use. The 1,100 acre, 6 Billion dollar Playa Vista Development where GDC was the lead geotechnical engineering firm serves as a good example of our work. The site, for many years, was considered “unbuildable” by the City of Los Angeles Building Department.

Group Delta's CEO Mike Reader, G.E. has served as Geotechnical Project Manager on several large residential developments (including the Playa Vista Development). To discuss the specific needs of your existing or upcoming project site, you can call Mike at (310) 320-5100.

Arden Lofts, Glendale

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The Lofts at 375 Arden Avenue consist of a multi-story, residential wood framed structures on post-tensioned slab foundations. The new townhomes feature floor plans with up to 3 bedrooms, 3.5 baths, attached 2-car garage and balcony. Group Delta Consultants performed all geotechnical field and laboratory testing. GDC was also responsible for material and drain line approval, storm drain, water line, gas line, electrical, optical fiber line and sewer trench compaction testing, parking, drive section, curb and gutter compaction testing for subgrade, base section and asphalt.

Group Delta worked to keep the project on track and on-budget by reviewing costs monthly and adjusting scheduling to provide maximum inspection and testing effort with minimal billing time. Working with the City of Glendale and Olson Homes, Group Delta Consultants was able to complete the project within all inspection parameters and without any construction issues. Our managers and staff provided continual, up to date reports throughout the project in order to prevent possible future issues.

Playa Vista Development

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Group Delta Consultants (GDC) was the lead geotechnical engineering firm during both the design and construction phases of the 1,100 acre, $6 billion Playa Vista Development project near Marina Del Rey. The project encompasses major geotechnical aspects of development in coastal areas, including liquefaction analyses, soft ground improvement by surcharging, lateral spreading mitigation, fault and subsidence assessment, permanent and temporary de-watering, deep foundations, mat foundations, retaining walls, utility design and mass grading. Group Delta obtained geotechncial approval for more than 60 projects from the City of Los Angeles Building and Safety department and successfully supported Playa in dozens of challenges regarding subsidence, faulting, liquefaction, and other geotechnical issues by the project opponents. In addition to providing geotechnical services to Playa Capital, for the overall development of the Playa Vista Project, GDC has provided geotechnical services for individual developers including Warmington, Salter, Fairfield Residential, The Lee Group, John Laing Homes, Shea Homes, etc. for their products at Playa Vista.

Group Delta's Achievements:

  • Saved millions of dollars in foundation cost using soft ground improvement by surcharging
  • Developed cost effective mitigation of lateral spreading
  • Successfully fought challenges from project opponents
  • Obtained approvals from the City of Los Angeles under difficult environmental conditions

Westminster Intergenerational Housing Center

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The Westminster Intergenerational Housing Center consists residential senior and townhouse apartments (eight buildings with a total 83,206 square feet) at a 3.07 acre site in the City of Westminster. A previous geotechnical investigation was performed at the site and Group Delta Consultants was asked to review this report by the client.

Group Delta's Achievements:

  • The cost of recommendations made in the previous report deep foundations made the project "economically unfeasible".
  • GDC's recommendations saved our client over half a million dollars over the ground improvement or pile options recommended by other consultants.

The City of Westminster celebrated the grand opening of Windsor Court and Stratford Place, the combined 86-unit intergenerational affordable housing community for seniors and families in 2005.


Fountain Park Apartments


Fountain Park is a 700 unit apartment building consisting of 700,000 sq. ft. of Type 5 construction over 300,000 building, single subterranean level concrete parking structure. Group Delta Consultants performed all geotechnical services for the project including a site investigation and geotechnical report.

Project Highlights :

  • The site has significant geotechnical issues such as soft and liquefiable soils, lateral spreading potential of the adjacent Ballona Creek Levee.
  • GDC developed  an indicator pile program including Pile Driving Analyzer measurements, driving of 2102 14-in. square presstressed concrete piles, and observation and testing services during foundation construction.
  • GDC performed all geotechnical inspections including those during the installation of stone columns

Block 8 / Sakura Crossing, Little Tokyo

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Sakura Crossing is the Related Companies first development to be completed on the six acre site formerly known as Block 8. The complex is a six-story structure with 230 apartments including 20% set aside for affordable housing. The Related Companies also plan on building a 22-story tower housing 240 condominiums and retail space in Parcel 'D' north of Sakura Crossing. The property known as Block 8 in Little Tokyo was a parking lot south of Second Street between Los Angeles and San Pedro Streets in downtown Los Angeles. Group Delta Consultants completed a foundation investigation to provide design level recommendations for:

  • Bearing capacity and settlement estimates for the mat foundations supporting 22-story tower
  • Differential settlement between the high rise and low rise buildings.
  • Seismic Design both based on UBC 1997 seismic provisions and site specific response spectra

Key Issues:

  • City of Los Angeles Approval
  • Excavation and Shoring
  • Mat Foundation
  • Construction Phasing for five different portions of the project built at different times by two or three owners
  • Seismic Design

Group Delta also provided soil and materials testing during construction of the six story Sakura Crossing Apartments which was completed in 2009.

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